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Moussa Moussa born in Beirut 1969, a passionate of photography since childhood.

After finishing high school in 1988 went to university to study business admin as a major for a year, than decide to follow his dream to become a photographer.

Changed major for photography in the institute of fine Art , graduate with Ba in photography in 1993 from holly Spirit University in Beirut, and than Continue masters in Sacret Art 1998 in the same university .

Achieving many Seminars for Kodak & Nikon about Digital Photography &printing in 2001.2002.

Believing that photography is more than a technique its an Art & a Mission he started to teach Photography in Thevnett College of Beirut and College Central jounieh,for many years .

In 1996 He Created in Beirut Negaplus his own professional and commercial Studio and laboratory, achieving work for advertising companies and taking pictures for hundreds of weddings& ceremonies.

In 2005 He moved to Lagos Nigeria and created Envisage Studios, in a very small period he became a major Photographer in west Africa that all companies looking for, working for the biggest multinational add agencies, top fashion magazines and became a trustable photographers for the biggest companies in west Africa (MTN,GLO,Heineken,Guiness,Pepsi….)

Working on many free subjects for self expression

A great documentary done in Egypt “life on the border of the Nil” exposed in Egypts, Beirut  & Buenos Aires.

A work about Woman & the society “women in a frame” exposed in Beirut.

Moussa is an Expert in photo printing and editing.

He is a talented Photographer by nature , photography for him is more than a job it’s a way of life

Quote of Moussa”Photography is the Art of Drawing with light, we manipulate light to express our self in a simple frame”

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